High School in Canada – Study Abroad Program

If you’re aged between 15-17 and are interested in immersing yourself in another country and culture, you may be interested in studying abroad. If the sound of making new friends and living with a host family in Canada appeals, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about attending a high school in Canada as a foreign exchange student.

High school program in Canada:

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Five popular destinations which you may be interested in include Toronto, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Program options:

1. Canada and USA

If you’re interested in the idea of back to back exchanges and getting to spend 6 months studying in Canada and 6 months studying in the USA, ensure to apply for the Canada and USA program. Students who choose this particular program will be based in Montreal during the Canadian portion of their exchange.

One of the advantage of attending high school in Montreal is you’ll also have the opportunity to practice your French. In fact, Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world, Paris being the first.

2. International Baccalaureate programs

If you’re an International Baccalaureate student, you can opt to complete your exchange at a International Baccalaureate high school in Canada.

3. Credited programs

If you’re interested in earning academic credit, which you can put towards your high school graduation or college application, you can sign up for a credited program. Credited programs are offered at private high schools located in Halifax and Nova Scotia.

4. Non credited programs

If you’re not interested in earning academic credit, you can opt to apply for a non credited program which will be slightly cheaper than completing a credited program. If you choose this option, you’ll still be given a report card for every term that you complete. Non credited programs are typically hosted by public high schools.

Do you qualify to study abroad in Canada?

High School Students in Canada - Study Abroad

To apply for any of the programs listed above you must be a secondary school student aged between 15-17 years of age. If English or French is not your native language, you’ll need to be able to prove that you’ve studied either English or French, for a minimum of two years. Lastly, you must not have completed over 11 years of primary and secondary school education.

What are some of the highlights of our study abroad programs based in Canada?

High School in Canada - International Exchange Students

1. You get to choose the length of your program

Whether you’re looking for a short program and are interested in spending one term abroad or you’re looking to spend a full year abroad, you’ll be able to choose the length of your program. If time and money aren’t a factor it’s well worth spending a full year abroad as once you’ve made new friends, you’ll want to spend more than a few months enjoying your new life in Canada.

2. You’ll get to live with a Canadian host family

Whilst you attend a Canadian high school, you’ll get to become part of a Canadian family, who’ll help you adjust to your new life in Canada. If you’re lucky your host family will also show you around their city and will take you to local events such as sports matches and festivals. Your Canadian host family will also provide you with delicious, Canadian style meals.

3. You’ll enjoy a full Canadian high school experience

As a foreign exchange student you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in your high school’s community by joining various clubs and attending school events such as sports matches and dances. Depending on which school you’ll attend you may even have the opportunity to go on class trips to other parts of Canada.

4. Airport transfers

You won’t have to worry about making your way from the arrivals lounge of your airport to your host family’s home as airport transfers to and from your host family’s home are included in the price of your program.

What are you waiting for?

High School Exchange Students in Canada

If you’re looking to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and are excited by the idea of immersing yourself in a new country and culture, it’s well worth considering applying for a Canadian study abroad program such as the one offered by Nacel International (high school program in Canada – http://www.nacel.org/high-school-programs/high-school-in-canada). Not only will you gain independence, make new friends and boost your college application but you’ll also get the unique opportunity to experience a new destination, not as tourist but as a local.